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August 27, 2022

Best Alternative to Frontier Communications Landline

Best Alternative to Frontier Communications Landline

Frontier Communications have been anticipating hiccups since it took over the services of Verizon Communications. Although most Frontier customers have been experiencing decent service, around 10,000 subscribers have been dealing with internet and landline outages besides other snafus.

Consumers were fuming over delays in entertainment and missed appointments. Dead phone lines are one of the most severe hangs on Frontier Communications' landline. Due to all this, consumers have started to find an alternative to the Frontiers’ landline. Fortunately, we have a more effective solution for business and home users.

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5 Most Reported Problems with Frontier Landline

Let’s explore some of the most reported problems with Frontier landlines below to know more:

1. VoIP Phone Outage

Consumers have faced issues and limitations in making emergency and even regular calls to someone. Many people have reported the VoIP outage problem with Frontier Landline. This problem is more accurate, especially during electrical and network outages, even with having a battery backup unit.

2. Primary Features like Caller ID Stops Working

Some consumers are also facing the problem of accessing basic features of Frontier landlines. For example, the Caller ID stopped working. Caller ID is an important feature to see who’s calling you before even attending a call. Some consumers have reported that Frontier call forwarding suddenly stopped working.

3. Slow Speed

Slow speed or delayed services are some of the Frontier landline's most commonly reported issues. Consumers have to make a call multiple times to connect with someone. Lengthy and frequent service outages, and slow service speed, including customers being unable to access emergency call services, are some fundamental problems.

4. Static on Phone Line

Some consumers have experienced noise and static on phone line issues. It made them unable to communicate with anyone. During the call, the voice goes away and comes back. It makes it harder to carry on.

5. Poor Customer Service

Frontier Landline also lacks responsive and timely customer service. Inaccurate information and lengthy wait times are the biggest concerns here.

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Community Phone: Best Alternative to Frontier Landline

Community Phone

Community Phone is the best alternative to Frontier Landline. It will keep you from missing even a single call anymore. This service lets you receive calls to your preferred number and can ring different phones simultaneously. Community Phone is one of the top-notch Frontier communications similar companies. Like Frontier phone service, you can use Community Phone for business and home.

With cost-effective plans starting as low as $29/month, Community Phone’s landline service can save you hundreds of dollars on installation costs, setup, and maintenance. It is 31-35% cheaper than traditional and digital landlines, 20-25% cheaper than VoIP, and a whopping 73% cheaper than a cell phone.

Feature Highlights

Community Phone provides a better and more reliable kind of landline service. Due to its fantastic feature range, it has become one of the best frontier communications competitors. Here’s an overview of some of the primary features of Community Phones:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Business Voicemail Greeting
  • Automated Voice Messaging
  • Voicemail to Text

Ideal for Homes as well as Businesses

Community Phone is one of the most reliable frontier communications competitors. It offers an improved landline service to fulfill your home and business needs. It provides you with everything you need for a reliable landline service for your home or business.

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How does it work?

Community Phone don’t require any internet connection or copper cables to work. The landline base connects your landline phone to the local cell towers in your area. Setting up the base takes less than 30 seconds.


Here are key benefits of using Community Phone:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • It doesn’t require any internet connection.
  • Works during internet or power outages.
  • Quick setup in just 30 seconds.
  • You can use landline services for both homes and businesses.

Replace your Frontier Landline with Community Phone today to enjoy its unique features and benefits for homes and businesses.

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Community Phone vs. Frontier Landline

There are various reasons you should prefer using Community Phone over Frontier Landline. Let’s explore these below:

Benefits of a Wireless Landline Service

  • For instance, Community Phone connects your landline to cell towers in your area and doesn’t need internet to work.
  • Community Phone is a portable solution that you can easily use anywhere.
  • Moreover, it has a 12-hr battery backup which keeps it working reliably even during power outages.
  • Above all, Community Phone has a more straightforward setup and integration process that you can complete within 30 seconds. It doesn’t require any costly installation tools at all.

Why NOT Frontier VoIP Landline?

  • On the other hand, the service quality of Frontier VoIP Landline depends upon its broadband strengths. This factor usually decides how well your landline connection can perform here.
  • It doesn't have any built-in battery backup, which makes Frontier VoIP Landline service unable to work during power outages. The frustrating part is that you have to buy a battery backup from Frontier Communication to get yourself foolproof during blackouts.
  • Latency and Jitter are the key factors to affect Frontier VoIP Landline. These issues can lead to poor service quality through network fluctuations.
  • Frontier VoIP Landline has limited geographical coverage. Due to this, the company cannot provide sustainable landline services in remote areas.
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Why is Frontier Communications Going Out of Business?

Frontier Communications had a reputation for abusive conduct and mismanagement. Due to a lack of tech, infrastructure, workforce investment, poor service quality, and frequent service outages. In addition to absurd billing services, Frontier has become a poster child of neglect and underinvestment.

Above all, the bankruptcy announcement of the business has served as a cherry on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Frontier rip off customers?

Frontier Communications has ripped off its customers by providing low-speed services for high charges. “My office will not stand by while businesses take advantage of consumers by failing to provide them with the services they have purchased,” said Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

Is there a lawsuit against Frontier Communications?

Yes, FTC has taken strict action against Frontier Communications for ripping off its customers and lying about internet services. To resolve claims that Frontier Communications lied to customers about its DSL internet speed, the company agreed to pay up to $69 million.

Can I port my number from Frontier?

Yes, porting the phone number from Frontier is relatively easy. To port your number from Frontier, you just need to give Community Phone your account number, PIN, and service address on your account.

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Frontier landline users have been facing multiple problems while using services for a few days. The most commonly reported issues include poor customer service, slow speed, VoIP outages, etc. Fortunately, the Community Phone has arrived as the best alternative to Frontier Landline. You can simultaneously use it as a fantastic alternative to the frontier business phone and home services.

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