The Management Behind Community Phone

John LaGue
John believes phone companies should feel welcoming and supportive. The reality is most carriers spend their resources on fancy marketing gimmicks while neglecting their responsibility to provide lasting value to their customers. John instead imagined a cellular network without any hassle or disrespect. To make this vision a reality, John co-founded The Community Phone Company. John now acts at COO and primarily works to ensure that our systems are in place to make our members feel supported. John graduated from University of San Francisco with a degree in data science. LinkedIn
Ellie Lasater-Guttmann
Ellie believes technology is most effective when it is out of our way. Most technology companies today have worked hard to keep us on our phones, so that we buy more products and use more data. Instead, Ellie thinks our devices should help us accomplish and create in the real world. She joined the Community Phone leadership team to help people solve the technology problems that hold them back, so we can all just get outside. Ellie is our Director of Marketing. If you’ve enjoyed our monthly TeleGrahams, those are her creation. Ellie graduated Phi Beta Kappa in both Philosophy and Math from Harvard. LinkedIn
James Graham
James believes technology should enhance creativity. He worries that the big technology companies have left a lot of people behind, pressuring them into buying flashier devices instead of helping them understand the technology they already have. Instead, James wants to make it way easier for people to ask for help when they have technology problems. James is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Community Phone Company, having started the company after one of his dear friends was mistreated by a larger provider. James is a current Thiel Fellow. LinkedIn